Electron Microscopy Sciences DOUNCE TISSUE GRINDER 15 ML



This grinder designed to retain a high percentage of cell nuclei and mitochondria in soft tissues from cell cultures. When use, the pestle ball is encircled in liquid, which is avoid heat buildup by reducing friction. This grinder is ideal for enzyme studies. The initial grinding is performed using the "loose" pestle. The grinding process is completed using the "tight" pestle.. This grinder is used by moving the pestle up and down, and work best with cell suspensions or very soft tissues. The mortar has a large reservoir and pouring lip and is supplied with "loose” and "tight” pestles. Ideal for soft tissue and provided with loose and tight pestle. Made of Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass. Autoclavable.

Additional Information

SKU 1551826
UNSPSC 41101700
Manufacturer Part Number 6479015
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