Airpeak S1 Professional Drone, Each of 1 Set



Size;Diagonal Wheelbase; Approx. 25.5 inch (without propellers) Flight Speed;Max Speed;25m/s (55.9 mph) without payload, obstacle brake disabledMax Ascent Speed;7m/s (without payload, obstacle brake disabled)Max Descent Speed;4m/s (without payload, obstacle brake disabled)Acceleration;Approx. 3.5 seconds (from 0 to 49.7mph, without payload)Flight Control;Max Angular Velocity;Pitch: 180°/s, Yaw: 180°/s, Roll:180°/s (Vision Positioning disabled)Max Pitch Angle;55° (Obstacle brake disabled), 35° (Obstacle brake enabled)Flight Time;Max Flight Time;Approx.22 minutes(without payload) Approx.12 minutes(with a7SIII and SEL24F14GM) *without payload, cruising speed(9m/s) , sea level, no wind Propeller;Model; PPL1785Propeller Size;17 inchLanding Gear;Landing Gear PositionRaise and lowerFPV CameraImage Sensor;1/4 inch 8.17Mpx CMOS SensorMax Frame Rate; 30 fpsFOV; DFOV 120°Gimbal Axis;2 Axises Gimbal (Tilt, Roll)Package Contents;Airpeak S1×1 Landing Gear×2 Battery Pack LBP-HS1 ×2 Battery Charger LBG-H1×1 (Include AC Adapter, Power Code)Propeller PPL1785×2 (Propeller CW ×2、Propeller CCW ×2) Calibration Board ×1 Remote Controller RCR-VH1×1 (Include AC Adapter, Power Code) Power Cable (Aircraft - Gimbal)×1 Control Cable (Aircraft - Gimbal)×1 USB Type-C Cable (Aircraft - Gimbal)×1 Micro USB Cable (Gimbal - Camera) ×1 USB Type-C Cable (Gimbal - Camera) ×1

Additional Information

SKU 60020534
UOM Each of 1 Set
UNSPSC 25000000
Manufacturer Part Number ARSS1
Is Hazardous? Ye
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